Is Kate del Castillo pregnant? Video sparks rumors of mysterious belly

Is Kate del Castillo pregnant? Video sparks rumors of mysterious belly

The actress shared a shot flaunting her bulging stomach, which garnered all sorts of reactions.

By: Valeria Contreras N.

Kate del Castillo is happy with a man ten years her junior: he is Édgar Bahena, her boyfriend

Kate del Castillo sparked pregnancy rumors for a video that he published on his social networks last October 4th.

Recently, the actress surprised by speaking openly about her relationship with Édgar Bahena and pointing out that despite their great love, she has no intention of marrying a third time.

After sharing her stunning decision, the actress sparked speculation about whether she might be expecting a baby.

Kate del Castillo presents a mysterious belly

It all started when the daughter of leading actor Eric del Castillo took to her official Instagram account to post a shot promoting her tequila.

What caught the most attention, however, was this He was seen with a mysterious bellywhich caused all sorts of rumors and fans filled the comment thread with questions and news about a possible pregnancy.

Some assumed that 50-year-old Kate del Castillo was expecting her first baby, while others pointed out that a belly was visible due to the angle of the pictures.

“Kate, explain this stomach to us because you have a flat stomach or is it cold beer?”, “She is pregnant, her navel is sticking out“, “It seems to me that it is inflamed.” “I am so happy that I am pregnant.” “You are not allowed to drink if you are expecting my nephew.” “Don’t worry! I think if he is If he were, alcohol would be the last thing he would be promoting in this state.”It’s just the angle of the photo,” followers noted.

So far, the actress has not commented on the comments made about a possible pregnancy.

Kate del Castillo refused to become a mother

Eric del Castillo’s daughter has stated several times that she does not plan to become a mother because she has never had a maternal instinct.

“I never had any desire to have children. If I had wanted to, I would have done it and that was it. “It was never a topic that caught my attention, partly because of the bad experiences I had with my ex-partner,” he said last March. .