Kim Cattrall: After three failed marriages, she found a “sexual awakening” with her last partner .

Kim Cattrall fell in love, was disillusioned, married three times, but found “sexual awakening” with her last partner – Credits: @Bruce Glikas

When Kim Cattrall She was married to her third husband, Mark LevinsonShe felt the desire to become a mother and began fertilization treatments, to which she wanted to dedicate much of her time. It was 1999 and the series it was part of had achieved enormous success, an influence that continued through the years: Sex and the City.

Demand for the fiction, in which she enthusiastically played the memorable Samantha Jones, caused her to reconsider many of her long-term goals, including motherhood. “One day I woke up and thought, ‘I’m filming for 19 hours all week, my assembly starts at 4 a.m. and ends at dawn. How can I maintain this rhythm in my forties?’ “Something like this just can’t happen.”

Kim Cattrall, an often underrated actress who has worked with great directors and speaks openly about her personal life

Kim Cattrall, an often underrated actress who has worked with great directors and speaks openly about her personal life – Credits: @Jamie McCarthy

For the British actress, it was a moment of clarity that didn’t weigh on her, she simply accepted it as something inevitable: “It was extraordinary to be honest with myself and accept that I was comfortable with what I was considering. would not continue.” .” As part of this acceptance, Cattrall said that although she did not want to be a mother, certain professional tasks such as mentoring young actresses made her feel like one. “In these spaces I have the space to be a mother figure, an aunt, a friend and that has given me a lot, it has made me feel that what I have done has been worth it, it is very fruitful “It’s satisfying to see the impact it has on you,” he said during a conversation with Vanity Fair.

A short marriage and another that is better forgotten

Kim Cattrall has been married three times

Kim Cattrall has been married three times – Credits: @Archivo

Long before that moment of clarity, Cattrall was a young actress taking her first steps in Hollywood thanks to her indelible role in Michael Gottlieb’s cult film Mannequin, her supporting role in John Carpenter’s brilliant Chinatown Rescue and her intervention in The Great’s “Bonfire of the Vanities.” Brian De Palma, among other productions from the mid-80s and early 90s in which she was a visible face.

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Cattrall was famous and showed great potential. Back then, the actress, who had worked with none other than Otto Preminger, moved into the world of cinema with the conviction that she had much more to offer. That’s where he met Andre J Lyson. Although the man proposed shortly after meeting, Kim had her reservations.

At 21 years old, Cattrall had already had one wedding, hoping that her relationship with Canadian writer Larry Davis would last at least a few years.. The couple married in 1977, but a disagreement arose a few months later when both parties agreed that it was best to annul the marriage. After this love disappointment, the actress was linked to the late former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, and reports at the time even said that she was the mother of one of the lawyer and politician’s children, Justin Trudeau.

Kim Cattrall in the iconic mannequin

Kim Cattrall in the iconic mannequin

After a period of disappointment Kim met Lyson, the German architect who persuaded her to put her career on hold and move to Frankfurt. Cattrall said “I do” for the second time in 1982 and set off for other latitudes. After settling in the city, she talked to her husband about the possibility of long-distance love as she was missing out on her career, and so began a new chapter in her life: a permanent round-trip between Germany and the United States, which she today leads would prefer it. forget.

The constant travel, the distancing, the impossibility of sharing moments together and looking beyond the immediate had a great impact on the couple, who decided to divorce in 1989 after trying to keep the bond as intact as possible . The blow of a new marriage that could not work out was very hard for the actress, who was completely devoted to her work.

Kim Cattrall in Sex and the City

Kim Cattrall in Sex and the City

However, this period of his life was also shattered by his move to Germany, causing him to lose the cleanliness he had worked so hard to achieve. Without haste and with composure, Cattrall returned to the ring and took part in series such as Wild Palms, Angel Falls and Tom Clancy’s Op Center, as well as in films such as the erotic thriller Exception to the Rule and the science fiction feature Unforgettable.

In the middle of this struggle to find a role that puts her back at the center of the sceneCattrall fell in love with Mark Levinson, a music engineer who made her believe in marriage, So much so that she accepted the man’s marriage proposal without hesitation.

A passionate romance that ended in a book

Kim Cattrall and Mark Levinson, the actress's third husband, with whom she wrote a book about the female orgasm

Kim Cattrall and Mark Levinson, the actress’s third husband, with whom she wrote a book about the female orgasm – Credits: @Gregg DeGuire

Cattrall married Levinson in 1998, the same year Sex and the City premiered. In keeping with her role as Samantha – the one who left such an indelible mark on audiences that And Just Like That, the series’ spin-off, can never recover from her absence – the actress dedicated herself to writing a book about female Pleasure and she did it with her husband as a partner. After noticing that Levinson had a lot to contribute and a voice that complemented his own, Cattrall asked him if he wanted to share the credits with others.

So in 2002 “Satisfaction: The Art of the Female Orgasm” came out, the book that also collected testimonials from “Sex and the City” viewers who turned to the actress with questions about their sex lives. In this way, Cattrall accepted that Samantha was much more than just a character. Ultimately, it was so closely tied to her life that it inspired her, at least at the time, to become a writer. The book, which she co-wrote with her ex-husband, offered “tips, tricks and feedback to help couples focus on achieving orgasm for their wife,” as it was advertised the year it was published.

Kim Cattrall with Mark Levinson at the Golden Globes

Kim Cattrall with Mark Levinson at the Golden Globes – Credits: @Ron Galella, Ltd.

With the honesty that characterizes her, Cattrall said at the time that she had not had good experiences in private and that she even had to “endure”. many years of “bad sex”. Her statements did not please her first two husbands, but the truth is that the actress never mentioned these connections and preserved the details of a sentimental life that was not limited only to her husbands. In addition to the connection to Trudeau, names such as those of actors Daniel Benzali and Alexander Siddig, musician Gerald Casale and philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy also appeared.

Beyond her usual candor, Kim tries not to dwell on the past or describe experiences that might offend other people’s sensibilities. In the middle of the promotional tour with his book and a new (and final season) of Sex and the City, Her marriage to Levinson, with whom she had considered having children, began to fail and in 2004 they announced their divorce.. “When that relationship ended, I had to imagine what it would be like to start dating at 50, and it ended up being more fun than I thought.” Putting expectations aside, Cattrall crossed paths in 2016 with Russell Thomas, her current partner, and now lives love from a different perspective.

Kim Cattrall’s sexual awakening

Kim Cattrall and her boyfriend Russell Thomas

Kim Cattrall and her boyfriend Russell Thomas

In a recent broadcast of the Modern Love podcast, the actress went into more detail about the bond she shares with Thomas: “My sexuality woke up late,” she revealed. “I had some time to experiment, to enjoy what was available, so I had a lot of fun, and then I met Russell and gained new courage,” he added.

In keeping with the theme of her book, Cattrall offered advice for women starting a heteronormative relationship who are afraid to express what they want sexually. “You have to be encouraged to say what you want in this situation, you have to show it,” he said, adding: “Many men have no idea, not even about anatomy, and they know, but they have to know what “The woman you’re with works for them.”

When I met Russell I knew the work would begin, but not in a bad way, I mean a good job, one that has meaning in your life, Kim Cattrall

On the other hand, he assured that his relationship with Thomas, who works for the BBC, continues to be “hard work”, beyond the wisdom he now has to deal with it.

“People think that a relationship just flows and that you are lucky for it, but luck is when preparation meets opportunity,” he noted, quoting the philosopher Seneca. “When I met this person, I knew that work began, but not in a negative sense, I mean a good job, one that is meaningful in your life,” he asserted, explaining that his love life “is not very romantic and “sensual” is ..” as opposed to what one might consider. On the contrary, she assures that she is more pragmatic and decisive. “It’s about making progress by asking others for what you need, revealing yourself to others, and showing who you are.”

The actress said that she has achieved sexual fulfillment with her new partner

The actress said she found sexual fulfillment with her new partner – Credits: @Kristy Sparow

Far from the Kim who couldn’t imagine a long-distance relationship, Cattrall, at 67, now enjoys bonding with her partner in a different way. “When we saw each other and liked each other, He was very brave because even though he didn’t know us very well, he traveled to Vancouver to be with me and we got along very well. “He is very easy to be with, he is beautiful and I feel very comfortable with him.”she explained, emphasizing that she currently attaches great importance to the space she cultivates for herself and then wants to spend time with others.

“Couples need to be worked on permanently,” the star, who has survived several heartbreaks, recently said. “That’s the best thing about a bond, that it lasts thanks to the efforts of both parties.” so that everything works.”


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