Le Iene, Veronica Gentili and Max Angioni welcome Belèn Rodriguez

Le Iene, Veronica Gentili and Max Angioni welcome Belèn Rodriguez

Belèn Rodriguez’s absence from television screens remains, as does concern for what she has. Last but not least, greetings to Le Iene from Veronica Gentili and Max Angioni. A return is not excluded.

That the mystery about the relationship between Hyenas And Belen Rodriguez It is now clear whether it is tight. After two issues, The Showgirl is not yet confirmed for this third issue. A surprise considering that she is one of the few who had nothing to say against the author of the show, Davide Parenti. We all know about the big fight Teo Mammucciriwho decided to leave the show halfway through the edition, perhaps not everyone remembers the farewell of two other historical presenters: Luca Bizzarri and Paolo Kessisoglu. Even back then, in 2011, the duo had spoken of discussions, but above all of “an artistic independence that was not always welcome on their part.”

As for Belèn, we saw her last edition, which continued the business alone, supported by Max Angioni. Then this summer came the official announcement of the leadership change, which came as a surprise to the unexpected: Veronica Gentili. Rodriguez had responded to some comments from fans by saying that she left of her own accord. Is it possible that he also wanted to go to Iene as well as to Tu Sì que vales? Switch from two to zero programs with Mediaset? Or was it malice? The doubts still exist today, or rather, they have doubled since last night.

Le Iene, Veronica Gentili: “I promise you he will come back”

Return from advertising and before the launch of the new service Julius GoliathGentili wanted to say a few words for Belèn.

I want to do something I’ve never done before, I would like to greet you with great affection the person who preceded me on stage and who hosted Le Iene for over a year, Belen Rodriguez. A big round of applause!

Angioni also joined in and blew kisses profusely:

Hello Belen, I miss you, we miss you, I would like to greet you in a professional manner. So [mimando baci alla telecamera e disegnando un cuore con le mani] HELLO Belen, I kiss you.

Veronica then intervened to calm him down:

Calm down, Max, calm down. You’ll see Come back and visit us, I promise you he will come back.

Gentili’s words and her affection for Belèn confirm that it is not a good time for the showgirl. In fact, he recently had to forgo being a guest on the show Alessandro Cattelan, Cattelan is here tonight. The host, who was not the first to receive a blow from Rodriguez, ironically commented on his health and showed what his ASL is like being in company in front of a glass of wine. He thought about standing up to Cattelan and defending his ex Fabrizio Corona who, after insulting him, also confirmed Mara Venier to Domenica In that Belèn’s health was not good.

The program’s welcome and Gentili’s homage further support Corona’s words. We are confidently waiting for her speedy recovery to see her again on screen, perhaps in Le Iene.