Lenier Mesa attacks the goddess: "Cuba has only one goddess, only one queen, Miss Dayana"

As if the clashes between The goddess And Lenier tablethis just added fuel to the fire by ensuring that she was the true goddess of Cuba Miss Dayana.

During a Dayana concert this weekend at the Flamingo Theater Bar in Miami, the Cuban singer and composer was one of the guests and when he took the stage he launched a fierce attack against the goddess that did not go unnoticed and by several influencers such as Michelito Dando Chucho They were responsible for the distribution on the networks.

“Puerto Rico has a queen named Ivy Queen. “Cuba has only one goddess, only one queen named Miss Dayana,” Lenier said, inviting the audience to applaud her.

Although Miss Dayana did not say a word after Lenier’s suggestion and limited herself to thanking the audience for their applause, there are those who remembered it relationship between the two singers It wasn’t good before either.

For many, the background to this not-so-indirect statement from Lenier was very clear, as in recent weeks the Controversy between him and the goddess It has even reached the networks.

Last week the interpreter of “Por Beneath the Water” unleashed a shower of insults after Lenier made public a conversation between the two in which she discussed Yulién Oviedo and political issues.

One of the artists who He criticized Lenier with everything After her controversial trip to Cuba during the Santa María Music Fest, she was exactly La Diosa.