Big Brother, Massimiliano and Heidi in comparison: "I don’t feel what he feels, it seems exaggerated" [VIDEO]

At the GF a new confrontation between Massimiliano Varrese and Heidi Baci: this is what happened!

Another episode of Big Brotherwill air tonight Channel 5and more Comparison Between Heidi kisses And Massimiliano Varrese: In fact, the two Gieffini liked each other from the beginning, but the actor’s excessive attention to the Nip led to this Heidi to take a step back and deny the chemistry between Vippone. Will anything have changed between the two in this final comparison?

Girlfriend, Heidi and Massimiliano in comparison: Has anything changed?

Called from Alfonso Signorini in the Mystery Room, Heidi She saw a small recap of the week’s events between her and the charmer Varrese. Compared to last week, when it seemed that the two Gieffini were at odds, these days they seem to have regained a certain complicity and composure in the conversation, rekindling the public’s hopes. Even the same Heidi She admits that watching the videos makes it clear that there is something between her and Maximilian There is a strong connection:

“Looking from the outside, I see two people who really like each other, I can’t deny that. For my part though it’s not the same intensity as his, I can’t lie, what he’s feeling seems a bit excessive for me, I admit I don’t reciprocate that at all.

Back in Home of GF, Heidi And Maximilian They got together again, and the actor visibly resigned himself to this new rejection: “I didn’t expect anything other than what he told me. I’ll get over it and move on.” Meanwhile, in the studio, someone in the audience can’t help but exclaim, “He’s done!”, provoking an idea from the commentator Cesara Buonamiciin which the actor is asked what he feels about Heidi Let it be love! Varrese He seems taken aback by the question, but quickly recovers and admits that he has a strong interest but that it certainly cannot be defined as love:

“No, not love, I care a lot, that’s true, but it’s not love. Everyone needs their own time, emotions cannot be the same for everyone.”

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