Lorenza Cingoli, author of, has died "The Melevisionary"

The other programs

Lorenza Cingoli, born in Ancona and with a degree in modern and contemporary history and a doctorate in economic history, also distinguished herself as a screenwriter of films, including the animated film “Johan Padan a la descoverta de le Americas” with Dario Fo , or like the feature film “Berni and the Young Pharaoh”, which takes place in the rooms of the Egyptian Museum in Turin, together with Martina Forti, but also fiction series for children and, above all, books and stories for people of all ages.

His novels

The television writer was also the author of children’s novels. Among other things, he had published “The Most Beautiful Stories of Ancient Rome”, a collection of legends, “The Secret of Lucina”, “Raphael and the Shining Scorpion” and, more recently, “The Most Beautiful Stories of the Iliad”, which he created together with Martina Stark.

In the press release from Viale Mazzini we also read: “Until the last months of work on writing the “Calzino” program, the Rai headquarters in Turin was his “home”, the place of engagement and discussion, the place of friendships and collaboration.” His programs will continue to entertain and educate new generations for many years to come.”