Marvel To Reveal Future Of Their Star Wars Comics Again – Revelations

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Because Marvel Comics will be publishing a new Star Wars Revelations in December 2023, looking forward to 2024.

Last year, Marvel Comics published Star Wars Revelations in December, a Timeless-style look ahead at the future of the Star Wars universe at Marvel Comics, including a number of events that are only just starting to play out now in Dark Droids, as Darth Vader got a view of events to come courtesy of the Eye of Webbish Bog. Well, it looks like he is returning to the swamp – again. or someone is. Or something like that. Because Marvel Comics will be publishing a new Star Wars Revelations in December 2023, looking forward to 2024. And, no doubt, will be stripped for parts by Star Wars fans trying to discern and divine the future of Star Wars at Marvel and it runs towards the events of Return Of The Jedi, fast and furiously.

Last year we had “first it comes for the metal, then for the muddle and then for the mind” which we still are trying to parse one year on. Now we have “Always in the motion is the future, but it’s coming into focus.”

Marvel’s Star Wars: Revelations (2023) #1 will be published just in time for Christmas, on the 20th of December and “will feature various short tales that set the stage for Marvel’s Star Wars line in the coming year. The creator lineup includes Marc Guggenheim, Charles Soule, Greg Pak, Marc Bernardin, Alyssa Wong, Ethan Sacks, and Cavan Scott, with Salvador Larroca, Will Sliney, Marika Cresta, Ibraim Roberson, and more handling art duties” and “The upcoming stories previewed span the High Republic to the original trilogy, with Jabba the Hutt, Darth Vader, Mace Windu, Keeve Trennis, Thrawn, and more appearing, along with the debut of new characters.” Here’s Rod Reis’s cover.

star Wars Revelations

Jabba The Hutt is centre and prominent. Han Solo is in his grasp. It’s Return Of The Jedi time, yes? Seemingly having defeated the droid uprising of the Scourge, with his palace droids back to being torturing servile pawns as well…

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