“Masked Singers”: We now know who was hiding under the dragon costume

Unfortunately, the dragon fire was extinguished on Sunday evening Masked singers.

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The two investigators Véronic DiCaire and Anouk Meunier had enough tact to expose the week’s ousted presenter, Dave Morrissette, who had nevertheless caused a stir with his cover of “Light the Fire” by Johnny Hallyday.

The latter admitted that since the first season, people have stopped him on the street and asked if he was hiding under one of the costumes.
The former hockey player would have liked to win, but is still relieved to leave the adventure behind him. “I can understand Barbra Streisand being stressed! » he said in particular during the episode presented on Sunday evening.

The show Chanteurs maskés is shown on TVA on Sundays at 6:30 p.m.