“Paw Patrol 2: The Super Patrol – The Movie”: Puppies from Montreal! – TVA News

All parents of little ones know that puppies are… Paw Patrol are undeniably part of the cultural and leisure landscape, the world-famous franchise is worth more than 8 billion US dollars. And the second animated film dedicated to their adventures was filmed in Montreal. Details…

In the Mikros studios in Montreal, a team of around 400 people worked for two years on the animation of Stella, Marcus, Ruben, Chase, Rocky, Zuma and of course Liberty, who has now joined Ryder’s team. Because this time the defenders of Adventureville are equipped with superpowers that Mr. Hellinger and a certain Victoria Vance, an unscrupulous scientist, are trying to steal from them.


In this new installment, the “narrative desire” of director Cal Brunker, who co-wrote the script with Bob Barlen, was to make Stella the main character, exploring her insecurities and her place in the group as she loses her superpowers has just acquired.

Art and technology

Nicolas Delval, head of Montreal’s Mikros Studios – who also designed the animation for the film Ninja Turtles: Mutant Chaos – makes no secret of the fact that animating Paw Patrol 2 presented many challenges, even when his teams were working on the first part had signed about the adventures of the puppies.

“There are a lot of visual differences between the two films,” he told QMI Agency. Yes, we had a basis for the second one. Our first task was to create the basis for a graphic universe. Back then there was a lot of design work and definitions of what the puppies should look like in the cinema. On the other hand, we didn’t change it, we refined it.


“Technically, we took our characters and updated them. And sometimes that requires doing it all over again…always with the aim of doing something better,” he added.

The “best” and “flavor of the day” that Nicolas Delval speaks of is to ensure that the film does not go out of style.

“It’s happening too fast, the animation industry is developing very quickly. Pixar still remains a reference, but if we look at the Pixars from 10 or 15 years ago, some have become quite old. And the challenge we face in our industry is to create projects in which the artistic dimension is at the forefront and in which the images are as impermanent as possible. And it’s not easy. And that’s why we tend to do a lot of things over again.”


Citing Ninja Turtles: Mutant Chaos and PAW Patrol 2: The Super Patrol – The Movie, the head of Mikros Montreal speaks of “proud” of the work done. And he offers this observation: “There’s something happening in animation right now. Historic studios – Pixar, Dreamworks, etc. – are increasingly relying on independent contractors. In Quebec we benefit from this trend and today it is impossible for viewers to tell the difference between an animated film produced by studios and one produced by independent films.

And actually this Paw Patrol 2 is superior to the first. Mission accomplished for Mikros Montreal Studios!

Paw Patrol 2: The Super Patrol – The film will be released in all cinemas in the province from September 29th.