Quo vadis, Telecinco

Regardless of how much time you spend, sitting outside your house and watching the enemy’s corpse go by is often not an exact science. However, if you sit in front of the TV long enough, you’ll end up watching the remnants of your enemy pass by. all programs that were born. Some come, some go, this one sang.

However, it’s one thing to see spaces drop, and another to see a string drop. The Telecinco programs currently look like a parade of lemmings on the edge of a cliff. First, Chinese Tales disappeared after three weeks of airing in one of those cancellations that reminds us of the time when television was television, with no consideration. I doubt it will be the last time. Neither TardeAR nor Big Brother VIP nor El Musical de tu Vida – to name just a few of the recent premieres – live up to expectations.

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Nothing is going well for Telecinco because the problem is not just the Telecinco programs, but Telecinco. Different production companies, completely different presenters, downright antagonistic understandings of television hit the wall of a lost, aimless and mired station that doesn’t know which viewer it should address and which programs it should use to achieve this.

The audience is like a bad diet: you have to put in a lot of effort to get results, and you can lose everything you’ve achieved in the blink of an eye. In Mediaset’s defense, it must be said that we live in a rare moment – to use a euphemism – for general television. At the moment it is easy to be Atresmedia, but making up ground for those from Fuencarral will be the most difficult so far, not only because their direct rival is consolidated, but also because the board is changing. Some come, some go, but the life of the Teledetodalavida does not remain the same.

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