Restaurant Alessandro Borghese, unforgivable mistake: "Danger of poisoning due to allergy" | The evening ended badly

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A bad story concerns one of the restaurants of the famous television chef Alessandro Borghese. Let’s find out what happened.

Alessandro Borghese He became very famous through his show that aired on Real Time from 2011. Cook with alein which the son of Barbara Bouchet He tried more or less simple dishes and explained the recipe to the audience.

Borghese has come a long way since then, reaching an even wider audience thanks to the show’s hosting 4 restaurants, the show in which four different restaurateurs compete on the quality of their services.

“My vote will confirm or overturn the ranking”: The phrase has now become famous, A saying that also falls into some humorous genres, particularly on the Internet. Alessandro Borghese expresses his idea of ​​cooking by making suggestions Delicacies Think rightly of him.

One of them was criticized on the one hand, for many web users difficult out of swallow, just like a bitter pill.

A (long) user review

We now know that the Internet is a very democratic place because it really gives everyone a say: a word that can be read, shared or not read by many other Internet users. In this case, The speech written by the user is included in a review on The Luxury of Simplicity of Venicethe restaurant of Alessandro Borghese.

Still visible Google, in the review The user tells be Experience at Describe the luxury of simplicity more Points negative elements, starting with what he didn’t like it with reference to Kitchen and what concerns them Service, until End, In the post Scriptum, with a sarcastic touch.

The negative review for “The Luxury of Simplicity”: The Luxury of Simplicity.  This is the name of the new venue in Venice, a renovated Venetian palace with a famous casino inside and on the ground floor, now a prestigious name has filled the space and the exterior courtyard of Ca Vendramin Calergi, Alessandro Borghese.  A very well-known name, especially for those who work in the catering industry like me and my partner.  With very high expectations we spent an evening in this place that is so much talked about.  We were extremely disappointed in many aspects.  Many people asked me about the bill, but that didn't disappoint since you pay for the location and name.  Disappointed with the dishes that don't stand out in taste, lots of presentation and then find yourself eating better tasting delicacies in much lesser known places in Venice.  Let's not talk about the desserts, a chocolate mousse that was more of a pudding than a mousse (better if you buy it in the supermarket, also considering the price), a panna cotta so sweet on the palate you can't tell Whether they are pleasant or not, because they are characterized exclusively by sugar and isinglass.  Do we want to talk about the bottle of wine we ordered and they ran out?  Of course, without telling us that they served us a different label, as much as we would have appreciated it, we asked for explanations before opening it and pretending nothing had happened.  We inform the customer that the label is ready, and present the corresponding label to the sommelier is more appropriate given the shortage.  Excellent aperitif in the beautiful courtyard of the building, although expensive (always remember where we are and the name), very light but served with a smile and a story.  Ultimately I don't think we will go back there again as we will gain a reputation for poor service and food with very little taste.  We prefer to eat in old taverns or in restaurants where the aromas tantalize the palate and intoxicate the taste buds (which...we didn't necessarily find it here).  Ps. Super known for serving a melon starter without asking if guests might be allergic, as was the case with my partner.The luxury of simplicity: a negative review (screenshot of Google reviews) –

The user: “We were extremely disappointed”

“Super renowned,” the user writes about the restaurant at the end, “from bringing a melon appetizer without asking if customers might be allergic, as it was for my partner.” In short, for this person the experience was not memorable. In reality, it is unthinkable to think that it is normal to ask every customer about their allergies: the most important thing is to avoid precisely these “Danger of poisoning due to allergies”as some commentators have written, consists in describing the dish to the guest in the case of the starter, which was undoubtedly done by the restaurant staff.

The Kingdom of Borghese is a union of principles that fully express the chef’s idea of ​​​​cuisine and hospitality: even if a review fails, it in no way damages the reputation of the restaurant, which receives excellent reviews, and fortunately they are the vast majority.

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