Sex and suicide: A teacher is reprimanded for showing students an inappropriate film – Le Journal de Montréal

An on-call teacher at a British Columbia elementary school must undergo training after showing students ages 7 to 9 an inappropriate animated film that depicted sex and a graphic suicide scene.

“The film is a nine-minute, age-inappropriate film … containing scenes depicting sexual intercourse and suicide,” says a resolution agreement released Tuesday by British Columbia’s teacher regulator, according to the Vancouver Sun.

In June 2022, Amira Mounir Abraham was on call in a French immersion class at a Coquitlam elementary school when she allegedly decided to project onto the screen an animated film she had “never seen before” that she had found on the Internet and whose contents, by which she “knew nothing about before showing them to the class,” the report said.

However, during the nine minutes of the film “Life is Beautiful” (La vie est belle in French), we can see a couple having sex as well as a graphic scene in which a cartoon character takes his own life.

Instead of stopping the film by stating “twice” that it was not suitable for her young students ages 7 to 9, “a particularly vulnerable age,” the teacher simply continued marking exams, it says The Vancouver Sun continues the report.

According to English-language media, Amira Mounir Abraham was already the subject of a reprimand in 2019 because she did not adequately supervise a kindergarten and a first grade class.

The Commissioner therefore decided to terminate the teacher’s teaching because he had failed to create a good learning environment. She must also attend an in-person course to ensure such behavior does not occur again.