7 Couples Who Broke Up This Year – Noovo Moi

Here are 7 couples who broke up this year.

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Mitsou and Iohann Martin

Last month we learned that Mitsou and her husband Iohann Martin were separating after 27 years as a couple. They were accomplices, colleagues since they started a business together and parents of two daughters: Stella-Rose and Mila.

Marc Hervieux and Caroline

Singer Marc Hervieux announced his separation from his partner Caroline last June, ending their 25-year life together, shortly after the annulment of their marriage.

The former lovers experienced this separation happily and in harmony.

Catherine Brunet and Antoine Pilon

Catherine Brunet and Antoine Pilon separated a few months ago. The two actors were a couple for eight years. They still get along well today.

Marc Dupré and Anne-Marie Angélil

The former coach of La Voix and newly returned to the comedian market Marc Dupré has separated from his wife of 23 years, with whom he has three children.

Sylvain Marcel

Last spring, the actor revealed that he had found love again. Without revealing the identity of his lover, he claimed that they had been together for a few months. The actor waited for their relationship to reach its first anniversary to introduce his partner, but unfortunately it ended before then.

Eric Lapointe and Judith Bérard

Judith Bérard announced her separation from singer Éric Lapointe on Instagram some time ago. They will have been a couple for about two years. They confirmed their romantic relationship in March 2023.

Justin Trudeau and Sophie Gregoire

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau and Justin Trudeau separated this year after 18 years of marriage. The Prime Minister and the Speaker have three beautiful children together.

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