Walter Mercado: Horoscope Wednesday October 4, 2023 El Nuevo Herald

Zodiac sign.

Zodiac sign. Archive/el Nuevo Herald

Note to readers: Betty B. Mercado, niece and collaborator of the late astrologer Walter Mercado, continues his legacy by writing horoscopes.


(March, 20th – April 18)

Mercury positively emphasizes everything that concerns unity, companionship and friendship. Now you can sit down and discuss a delicate situation that needs to be resolved. Your word will be direct, clear and sincere, but without any hint of offense. You will be careful not to hurt other people’s feelings, and this is how you will win the hearts of many. Lucky numbers: 5, 36, 1.


(April 19th – 19th) May)

Be careful not to criticize other people, especially when they work with you. Thanks to Mercury, you now focus on the details, which causes you to work more on the mental aspect. You want everything to be perfect, but that could lead directly to physical and mental exhaustion. Lucky numbers: 9, 16, 22.


(May 20th – 19th) in June)

Thanks to Mercury, your thoughts and words are very well coordinated, leaving you no room for mistakes when communicating with others. Your ideas may not be very consistent with reality, but they are still valuable. Reading will help you learn about the issues that need more attention in your life. Lucky numbers: 3, 45, 6.


(20th June – 21 July)

Past problems could be impacting your present moment. Look for the root and you will find the solution. It’s time to pay a little more attention to your family life and make plans to improve it. Mercury asks you to think about some personal problems that require your immediate intervention. Lucky numbers: 17, 1, 20.


(22nd of July – August 21)

The energy of Mercury, the planet of communication, flows into your third house, that of communication. You will take part in many group discussions and very interesting conversations with friends or colleagues. You will meet new and interesting people. Every short trip looks very good now. Lucky numbers: 11, 9, 30.


(August 22nd – 21st September)

Mercury emphasizes for you everything related to business and which can bring you good financial profits in one way or another. Your attention is focused on what you value. You will put any plan you have in mind into action. With Mercury in your financial house, every transaction becomes more elaborate or planned. Lucky numbers: 29, 14, 3.


(September 22nd – Oct. 22)

Today Mercury enters your house and rules the personality, putting you in a very favorable position to express your point of view to other people. You will feel very motivated to try harder to achieve your dreams or desires. Your mind will be very active during this planet’s transit through your first house. Lucky numbers: 30, 26, 15.


(October 23rd – November 20th)

Anything related to the spiritual or religious world becomes more powerful for you with the entry of Mercury into your twelfth house. You are now on the defensive because you think others are attacking you because they disagree with you. Say what you have to say without fear, because it is worse if you remain silent. Lucky numbers: 45, 7, 32.


(21st November – Dec. 20)

Your expectations are high and you will fight or strive for your dreams to come true. Mercury activates your communication channels so you can communicate effectively. Young people come into your life and bring you new ideas that you can adapt to your work or everyday life and simplify your life. Lucky numbers: 17, 5, 10.


(Dec 21 – January 18)

Mercury guides you to make plans for your work or career. Think carefully about whether what you are doing is really what you enjoy doing. Use the good influence of the planets to talk to bosses or superiors and ask for the raise you so richly deserve for your good work and dedication. Lucky numbers: 12, 6, 23.


(January 19 – February 17)

You will be extremely curious, courageous and courageous. You will enjoy engaging in philosophical conversations where you can express your abstract ideas. Books, study, education, anything intellectual will be emphasized and this will be closely linked to foreign travel as you seek to expand your intellectual world. Lucky numbers: 38, 6, 2.


(February 18th – 19th) March)

Use Mercury’s entry into your eighth house, which has to do with transformation and change, to reveal the hidden aspects of your life. Bring any inner conflicts to light so they can resolve. You need to look within yourself for answers to what worries you and keeps you awake at night. Lucky numbers: 21, 7, 16.