Anabel Hernández Presents Audio Linking Galilea Montijo to Drug Trafficking

Galilea Montijo. (Photo by Jaime Nogales/Medios y Media/Getty Images)

MEXICO CITY, September 29 (EL UNIVERSAL). – Through a series of audios from Celeste – the partner of drug trafficker Arturo Beltrán Leyva – journalist Anabel Hernández highlighted the relationship that Sergio Mayer and Galilea Montijo had with the boss.

At the official presentation of the book “The Ladies of Narco, Loving in Hell”, the researcher presented excerpts from the interview she conducted in early 2022 with the woman in the USA named Celeste.

The witness claims in the audio recording that she physically saw the driver in a house in Cuernavaca. “I stood up and looked at her things. He was very excited about her at that moment, because Galilea is the prototype of a woman he likes, (but) not the top. He told me, ‘I even have her salary.’ And he started paying him $200,000 in salary, so monthly,” Celeste can be heard saying in the recording.

And as for Mayer, Celeste makes it clear that he was responsible for finding the artists.

The reactions of Galilea and Sergio Mayer: