The idea that Televisa took from Daniela Luján and that she ultimately saved herself

Daniela Luján has repeatedly confessed the problems she faced as a child actress.  (Photo by Adrian Monroy/Medios y Media/Getty Images)

Daniela Luján has repeatedly confessed the problems she faced as a child actress. (Photo by Adrian Monroy/Medios y Media/Getty Images)

When I was a girl, Daniela Lujan He loved the Televisa producers because of his natural acting. With some participations in Plaza Sésamo and the telenovela La dueña, the little girl managed to star in two important projects when the company gave in to satisfy a children’s audience.

Luz Clarita and Daniela’s Diary were the melodramas with which she conquered the screen and which, in addition to singing, introduced her to other facets as an actress in film and theater by providing the music for the soundtrack of both productions.

This made him dream that he could introduce him to the production company as the child star he was at the time. Rosy Ocampo has an idea for an upcoming joint work. “Mood The Prince and the Beggar; He told me, “Yes, it’s yours.”. Danny was overjoyed by this promise, but it would also mean the first big disappointment in his short life.

During a conversation with journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda, Daniela recalled that after presenting her idea to Rosy Ocampo, none of them broached the subject again, but a call from a reporter who asked her what she thought of the production company’s next project, in which she would join, as the protagonist led him to believe, he had thought about returning to the recording forum soon.

“One day I came to school and was watching one of those afternoon gossip shows, Belinda was there with the scripts that said she would be filming the soap opera. I was like 13, 14 years old, I didn’t understand it. It was the first disappointment in the artistic environment, it was a big shock. Of course, they never gave me any official news and you start blaming yourself,” said the actress.

Sidekicks to the rescue was the children’s soap opera in which the singer was to star and which became a phenomenon not only because it told the story of two twin sisters who were separated at birth and who met years later thanks to music, but also because of the songs, which were performed by the same cast.

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At the same time, the sports world was celebrating one of the most important events in the calendar, the World Cup between South Korea and Japan, and the company did not want to escape the success of Ocampo and therefore ordered an increase in further episodes to the plot. “When I talk to the cast and tell them that we wouldn’t finish recording on a single date, but much later, Belinda’s parents had already organized a tour that I didn’t know about,” the producer said in an interview years later Interview with Televisa Espectáculos.

91 episodes had been recorded and 40 more were to be added. Days after his leading lady left the project, he had no choice but to look for a quick and drastic solution and fulfill what he had promised to the person who originally suggested the idea to him, Luján himself.

“Televisa executives called me. I never knew why Belinda left. A lot has been said, but I never found out the truth. And They asked me if I could help them finish the soap opera, which only lasted two months, because they needed me. It became easy for me. That was a Friday and on Sunday I recorded a whole album and on Monday I started recording, it happened very quickly. “It was a lot of stress, it was two characters,” he remembers.

It wasn’t everything. The actors were already doing off-screen presentations that often didn’t even fit a pin, and Daniela had to submit to them. “We had one in Zacatecas and I wanted to die because I felt like no one understood that I had been on the air for a week, no one cared about me. Are you aware that you might arrive in Zacatecas waiting for someone else who is not me and that I will go out and sing and that it might be risky for me? Has anyone thought about this?’”.

Her fear disappeared at her first concert as Silvana/Mariana, when soap opera fans greeted her upon arrival with signs thanking her for not letting the soap opera die.

Ocampo also shared Luján’s fear and, like her, experienced a pleasant surprise.

“It was strange because I was very worried because, after all, I thought that it is our responsibility to the audience to always offer them the best product and that it would be very complicated to change the protagonist from one day to the next switch; and that was “strange because even the rating went even higher,” said the producer.

What neither Daniela nor Rosy said or realized was the fact that after she left, Belinda spoke badly about her former boss and the person who replaced her. “I’ve seen some interviews where he said terrible things. “I don’t know what he said and I’d rather not remember it,” he once told Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

“I remember that at the time of the renewal of the soap opera, I had some commitments and I couldn’t give them up. I decided to continue my career as a soloist and start producing music and an album “It was the best decision, I learned a lot from it because I had ups and downs in my career and that helped me to be the one “I am today,” the singer admitted.

Danny has also turned the page and now that there is the 2000s pop tour project Juntos x Siempre, which brings together several of Televisa’s “child” actors, he would like to share the stage with Belinda. “She is part of this story and it would be iconic to see her singing these childhood songs, it would be beautiful and fun.”


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