“Everyone Plays Chain Reaction” in Prime Time

Double date on Saturday September 30th and Saturday October 7th with “Everybody games Chain Reaction”, broadcast at 9.25 p.m. on Rai 1 and Rai Italia. Landlord, Marco Liorni. “Reazione a Catena,” Rai 1’s pre-evening game that “entertains and refreshes the mind,” wears the first night’s glittering attire for two charity events where VIPs and their families play and have fun with the Italian language. In fact, every evening four teams compete against each other, made up of famous personalities, popular with the audience and supported by relatives or friends. In order to win, they too have to prove on the pitch – as in the evening edition – that they are united, fast and have an “understanding of winning”. Not only that, but to support their efforts and ensure the final profit (for charity) is as high as possible, some of this season’s best teams will be in the studio. VIP or not, in short, in the studio (but also at home) everyone will play “Chain Reaction” with the stated aim of having fun and discovering a few curiosities about the Italian language each time. At the two events with “Everyone plays Chain Reaction”, in addition to the already known tests, there will also be new game moments specially designed for the occasion, such as “The Zip Scrum”, in which, as always, the focus is on everything there is, will be words, with their thousand nuances of meaning and the diverse associations that they can “chain”. Even the “Chain Reaction” games that the audience already appreciates every day will be treated for the occasion, with the direct intervention of special guests and well-known artists who will sing their successes in the studio. The “VIP” teams that will compete during the first special broadcast on September 30th include Iva Zanicchi (with her daughter Michela and granddaughter Virginia), Eleonora Giorgi (with her son Paolo Ciavarro and Clizia Incorvaia), Paolo Conticini ( with his wife Giada and cousin Lucia De Benedittis), the entire “Country Cousins”. In addition to the “Cugini di Campagna” themselves, Donatella Rettore will also appear in the studio. “Everyone Plays Chain Reaction” will be two special evenings in which we will put extraordinary participants to the test and have fun with them through words, curiosity, music and joy.
Produced at the Rai Production Center in Naples in collaboration with Sony Pictures Entertainment Srl, “Reazione a Catena” is a program by Tonino Quinti, Francesco Ricchi, Stefano Santucci and by Ivo Pagliarulo, Simona Riccardi, Simona Forlini and Christian Monaco. Written with Giancarlo Antonini, Alessandro Venditti, Francesco Lancia, Marzia Fiori Andreoni, Paolo Fichera, Alessandra Pagliacci, Giusy Andreano, Flavio Grasso, Beatrice Moscatelli, Silvana Calcagno, Gianluca Falessi. scenography Flaminia Suri; Executive Producer Fabio Placidi; edited by Fausto Capitano; Director: Stefano Vicario.