Paris Jackson proudly shows off her makeup-free face as she fires back at trolls who branded her ‘old and HAGGAR’

By Christine Rendon For 11:52 p.m. September 29, 2023, updated 11:59 p.m. September 29, 2023

  • The daughter of pop legend Michael Jackson reacted courageously to critics online
  • She said a no-makeup video was met with a barrage of “shitty comments.”
  • Paris shared another video of herself proudly flaunting her bare skin

Paris Jackson has bravely fought back against haters who left “shitty” comments calling her “old and haggard” by showing off her nude complexion in a makeup-free video has.

The star, daughter of the late Michael Jackson, posted clips from her attending a Christian Louboutin event during Paris Fashion Week on Thursday – but was heavily criticized by several commentators.

In response, Paris responded hours later with a video that showed off her nude complexion – and a reminder that she’s only 25 years old.

“This is no filter, no makeup and normal lighting for the people who wrote really shitty comments about how old and emaciated I look in my last video,” she wrote in the video.

“I’m literally 25. Just young and skinny, thank you very much,” she hilariously concluded. The video was set to the audio of a man saying, “Whoa. Okay.”

‘I’m literally 25’: Paris Jackson has bravely hit back at the haters who left ‘sh*tty’ comments calling her ‘ “old and emaciated”. No filter! Jackson avoided using any filters for her latest defiant snap

She wore no makeup whatsoever and wore her hair up in a messy bun. The singer wore dangling earrings and a casual top as she tilted her head before giving an embarrassed sideways glance.

Numerous fans showed their support for Paris in the comments, with Keke Palmer writing: “I love you!”

“Fuck these people you looked amazing,” one posted.

“If this is old and emaciated, then what am I?!” asked another.

“You will always find something to talk about because it is easier to look at other people and not at yourself.” You are breathtaking. with or without makeup, gaunt or not, in every way. Never let these comments get you down. “We LOVE you peaks,” another fan wrote.

The original video that sparked everything showed Paris posing in a plunging mocha outfit at a Christian Louboutin event.

While she received some hate from trolls, many blamed the lighting for her appearance and countless others praised her looks.

“Guys, stop it! She looks pretty!!!’ one fan wrote in her defense. “It’s just the bad lighting angle that makes her look older. Everyone would look like this if the light came from below.”

I ignore the haters! Trolls have commented on this video Jackson posted from Paris. He stands up for her! While she was hated by some trolls, many blamed the lighting for her appearance and countless others praised her glamorous look: Jackson was dressed to the nines to attend YSL’s beauty party MYSLF during Paris Fashion Week on Wednesday

“Remember that every BODY is different, she is a thin, petite woman, so the way she smiles looks different than me or you, every fold of skin moves differently in people depending on how thin or thick we are. ‘She is a young beautiful woman!’

Paris was recently in Paris for Fashion Week and attended YSL’s MYSLF beauty party on Wednesday in addition to the Christian Louboutin event.

She wore a brown, long-sleeved turtleneck dress with a camel-colored leather jacket and cream-colored peep-toes over it.

Her fashion week hijinks come after she filed a restraining order earlier this month against an alleged stalker who climbed over the fence of her home and peered through her windows.

According to Paris, who says she is now afraid of being home alone, the person is the same man who sent her unwanted messages in December 2019.

The most recent suspected home invasion occurred on August 23, when the intruder allegedly made it into her backyard before being approached.

Paris was not home at the time, but a friend of hers who was at the property witnessed the trespass, TMZ reported.